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Право на насилие

We then asked the 77 percent of respondents who would prefer to leave a protester alone a follow-up question: What if the protester becomes violent? Of those, 42 percent think it’s okay for the crowd to respond “with force” to a violent protester. The threat of violence is where partisan fissures begin to show: Only 31 percent of Democrats think it’s acceptable to meet violence with violence. But 51 percent of Republicans (and 47 percent of independents) believe force should be warranted if a protester begins to act violently.

That adds a bit of clarity to the partisan squabbling that’s colored discussion of the recent incidents at Trump’s rallies: Liberals can’t understand why conservatives are reacting so harshly to protesters, and conservatives can’t understand why liberals think it’s abhorrent for them to react to protesters acting violently at their rallies.

То есть левые en masse полагают, что у них есть право хулиганить на митингах Трампа, а у трамповцев нет права на это отвечать. И искренне не понимают, как это остальные с ними не согласны. Зайчики какие, а.

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