Часовщик (chasovschik) wrote,

WSJ про Петреуса

WSJ тоже полагает, что Петреус пострадал, поскольку сопротивлялся сбрасыванию под автобус. Ну, сбросили под каток вместо автобуса. А вон Хиллари во всем призналась, и теперь спокойно отсиживается в Австралии.

At issue was whether the CIA should break its silence about its role in Benghazi, Libya, to counter criticism that increasingly was being leveled at the agency and Mr. Petraeus, said senior officials involved in the discussions.

Mr. Petraeus wanted his aides to push back hard and release their own timeline of the Sept. 11 attacks on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi and a nearby CIA safe house, seeking to set the record straight and paint the CIA’s role in a more favorable light. Mr. Clapper and agencies including the Pentagon objected, but Mr. Petraeus told his aides to proceed, said the senior officials.

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Tags: benghazi, obama administration, petraeus

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