Часовщик (chasovschik) wrote,

“Зализали, сволочи!”

Хороший заголовок: The liberal media loved Obama to death

It had been the real thing, not a commonplace fling with your generic Democrat, but the love of a lifetime, the genuine article, the sum of all dreams: He was not just a Democrat, he was also a liberal. He was not just a liberal, he also biracial, also multinational; also hip, cool, and clever. He was themselves as they wanted to be. Like them, he was gifted at writing and talking (and, as it turned out, not much beyond that), like them, he stood up for Metro America; like them, he viewed the people outside it with a not-very-measured disdain.

Крушение главной любви всей жизни, ага. Опять же, полагаю, что это излишне оптимистический взгляд на вещи. Милые бранятся – только тешатся. Никуда их любовь не денется.

Mirrored from Gears and Springs.

Tags: journalism, liberals, obama

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