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Еще про оккупантов

Восторженная статья на HuffPo. Все как и следовало ожидать, но один абзац меня впечатлил.

What was fascinating, though, was that for a few folks in the crowd, it was a day they were waiting for a second time, after the Vietnam and civil rights protests of the 1960s. Consider Dennis Gronim, a 61-year-old Brooklynite who took part in his first protest march in 1968. Now here he was in the bowels of Zuccotti Park, with a long grey beard and looking a bit like Jerry Garcia if the late Grateful Dead frontman had been resurrected in purple Crocs, strumming a blues riff and growling anti-banker lyrics while a 20-something pinked-haired, punked-out woman spun to the music. “They’re doing what we did when we were their age,” marveled Gronim, who retired three weeks ago as the vice president of a tool distributor and has been coming here to Occupy Wall Street, singing the blues against the war in an Afghanistan, and, yes, for legalizing the marijuana.

Вице-президент чего-то там вышел на пенсию, переоделся в лиловые кроки, отрастил за три недели длинную седую бороду (а может, так с ней и вице-президентствовал), и теперь с наслаждением хиппует среди юных революционерок, блюзит про злых банкстеров и про легалайз, вспоминает боевую юность. Не стареют душой ветераны.

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