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More on Perry

Еще один текст про Перри, от журналистки, которая несколько лет работала в Техасе корреспондентом The Economist.

I was inclined to give some credence to the critics, and to see Perry as a guy who had fluked his way into the governor’s mansion and stayed there.

I soon came to see that I was wrong. And I think a lot of people, even in Texas and certainly around the country, continue to be wrong about Perry in just the same way. The governor himself is largely responsible for that; he hasn’t needed a majority of Texans to like him to get re-elected, and in a way, it suits his purposes when people discount him. But having watched Perry closely for four and a half years now, and interviewed him on several occasions, I am convinced that he’s actually quite smart about politics and that he’s not much of a far-right ideologue.

Bottomline: он далеко не идиот, он весьма искушенный политик, он совсем не правый экстремист, будете его недооценивать – пеняйте на себя.

На этом, пожалуй, про Перри и хватит пока, познакомились. Сдается мне, он очень сильный кандидат. Посмотрим, как пойдут дела в ходе кампании.

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