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Два взгляда на последнюю обамовскую идею, справа

1. Incentivize and encourage a reckless lending-borrowing environment
2. When the loans go south, causing systemic risk, the government forces banks to take government bailout $$, even if they don’t need/want it
3. Healthy banks which never wanted the money pay the money back as soon as they are allowed to
4. The government vilifies all bankers as greedy profit seekers who owe their very existence to the good grace of benevolent tax payers
5. The government knows best what products and services companies should offer, and how much they should charge for those services
6. The government rewrites the rules of the market through fiat dictates handed down from on high
7. The government shakes down the financial institutions for lobbying related bribes and kickbacks, as those companies vie for a competitive advantage in the re-regulating process/outcome
8. The government levies new tax-fees on all financial institutions to pay for all of this valuable new government oversight
9. The government’s perfect Progressive leaders and partners, including Dodd, Frank, Waters, Gorelick, Raines, Clinton, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus, HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, CRA, Obama, ACORN, etc… had nothing to do with the financial collapse we have been experiencing
10. Anyone who fights this narrative, or their vilification therein, will face the pitchforks!

…и слева.

“You want to vote with the bankers. Go ahead. I dare you. Every day I’m going to talk about how these bankers took hard-earned taxpayer money and turned it into record bonuses for themselves. I’m going to show pictures of their yachts and mansions. And then I’m going to say you want to protect them so you can hang out with them on their private jets and play with them in their vacation hideaways. I’m going to take a cut out of you and put it on a picture of their yacht. I’m going to name names. I’m going to make you famous. You still want to vote with the bankers. Make my fucking day.”

Все как по-писаному, привет от Айн Рэнд.

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