Часовщик (chasovschik) wrote,

Hopemongering in action

President Barack Obama made a bold new health care proposal last night, saying that the nation could save billions annually by replacing anesthesia with press conferences.

“Instead of administering costly anesthetics, a doctor could simply pipe in a few minutes of me talking about electronic medical records,” Mr. Obama said. “I guarantee you, that patient will be out cold.”

The president said that clinical trials showed that patients who are exposed to one of his pressers usually lose consciousness within three minutes, “just like Helen Thomas does.”

Это, заметим, на HuffPo глумятся.

Что-то мне это напоминает.

А вот еще маечку люди придумали:

Опубликовано в Записках Часовщика. Комментировать лучше там, но можно и здесь.
Tags: health care reform, ods, us politics

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