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Еще о прессе - ссылки на память

The Stranger в Сиэттле публикует фотографии и адреса домов, жители которых позволили себе выставить знак в поддержку МакКейна. Народ должен знать, чьи гаражи и машины украшать про-обамиными граффити.


Hugh Hewitt про дело с тетей Обамы, которую четыре года назад должны были депортировать, и которая до сих пор спокойно живет за государственный счет в public housing в Массачусетсе:

This says much, much more about MSM than it does about Barack Obama.

Within a day of Sarah Palin’s nomination we knew everything about her ex-brother-in-law.

Two years into his campaign, with only 72 hours before the election, we learn about Obama’s aunt.


Roger L. Simon про то, как bias превращается в элементарную нечестность:

But bias, bad as it may be, is not the real problem. Everybody has a bias. We all know that. It’s when bias creates dishonesty that the dry rot sets in. The media has been essentially dishonest in its non-investigation of Obama for what now is several years. With all their vast resources, they have given us virtually no reportage on his years at Harvard and Columbia and he is about to become President of the United States.

And this dishonesty, clearly perceived by the public even as it will likely elect Obama, is what accounts for a great deal of the economic woes of the mainstream media today. That same public know the NYT, LAT and WaPo are no longer reliable sources. The Washinton Post’s — clearly the best of the three - earnings plummeting 86% in the third quarter of this year is no longer a surprise, nor is it entirely related to the overall economic meltdown.

It will be interesting to see if there is a shift in their coverage in the aftermath of the election. My guess is that it will take some time for that ship to right itself, if it ever does. The embarrassment factor would be too great - even if it would satisfy some of their shareholders.


Victor Davis Hanson о том же самом с примерами. Название текста - “Конец журнализма”.

There have always been media biases and prejudices. Everyone knew that Walter Cronkite, from his gilded throne at CBS news, helped to alter the course of the Vietnam War, when, in the post-Tet depression, he prematurely declared the war unwinnible. Dan Rather’s career imploded when he knowingly promulgated a forged document that impugned the service record of George W. Bush. We’ve known for a long time — from various polling, and records of political donations of journalists themselves, as well as surveys of public perceptions — that the vast majority of journalists identify themselves as Democratic, and liberal in particular.

Yet we have never quite seen anything like the current media infatuation with Barack Obama, and its collective desire not to raise key issues of concern to the American people.


И замечательный текст Peter Robinson в Forbes о том, почему это происходит, и почему люди в прессе до сих пор нервничают, что МакКейн может выиграть, несмотря на все их усилия.

A tight race now would muddy our narrative about the transformational figure, The One. Forbes readers may scoff at Barack Obama as the messiah, but we don’t. Give him eight years in the Oval Office, and the man with the most liberal voting record in the Senate will move the whole country our way. The One will make us “mainstream” once again. He might even make us profitable once again.

Why am I writing for Forbes? Let’s put it this way: The Obamacons–the conservatives who have rushed to endorse Obama–aren’t the only ones hedging their bets. If McCain wins, the mainstream media will remain what it really is, the “more and more marginal media,” and I have a career to think about.

Поведение прессы на этих выборах войдет в историю.

Опубликовано в Записках Часовщика. Комментировать лучше там, но можно и здесь.
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