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What incentive to Dems in Congress have to approve a solution at this point? Why not let the financial system collapse? Obama would ride the wave of destruction into the White House, with coattails. He could then use the resulting depression in the real economy to expand the reach of government, as FDR did. He could start a Community Organization Authority to hire hundreds of thousands of community organizers to replicate the improvements in quality of life he achieved in the South Side of Chicago; he could turn the Dow Thirty into Government-Sponsored Enterprises and appoint folks like Franklin Raines in charge of them; etc. The pain would be worth it, from the Lefty perspective, to permanently shift the country further in a statist/socialist direction.

Our only hope is that the Billionaires for Obama will stop this madness. Will the Pritzkers, Buffetts, etc. talk the Dems back from this?

Мол, а зачем, собственно, демократам предотвращать сейчас коллапс рынка, если на этом коллапсе их кандидат гарантированно проходит в Белый Дом, а там, используя начавшуюся депрессию, проводит в жизнь свои социалистические программы? Одна надежда - Баффет их отговорит.

Что-то в этом есть.

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