Часовщик (chasovschik) wrote,

Способы проиграть

Люди начинают изучать ошибки, допущенные Обамой в ходе кампании. На мой взгляд, рановато: пусть сначала доведет это дело до логического конца, тогда и можно будет итоги подводить.

Впрочем, все равно интересно.

– Reneging on his public financing promise: Had he not done that, he might have saved his New Politics reputation and avoided his current money woes.

– Going on the Magical Mystery Tour: Had he not done that, we likely wouldn’t have had the “I still don’t think the surge was worth it” interview, there wouldn’t have been the priceless Berlin rally footage and he might have spent the summer at home talking about energy policy.

– Nixing the townhalls: Had he not done that, he — again — might have sustained the New Politics moniker and could have kept the focus on domestic issues and McCain’s association with George Bush.

– Losing the opportunity of a lifetime: Had he not done the angry liberal routine in Denver he might not be trailing among independents by an unbelievable margin of 52-37%.

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