November 22nd, 2021



Наша здешняя демократка прославилась на всю страну.

“I just believe in Karma and this came around quick on the citizens of Wisconsin”
“The blood of Kyle Rittenhouse’s victims is on the hands of Wisconsin citizens, even the children.”

До сегодняшнего утра числилась тут как Social Media Director. А теперь не числится. Страшная вещь все-таки - Твиттер.

UPD: только что получил (я подписан на их рассылку почему-то).

Statement by Democratic Party of DuPage County Chair Ken Mejia-Beal

“The Democratic Party of DuPage County immediately severed all ties with Mary Lemanski once became aware of her callous and reprehensible posts. She does not speak for us and we unequivocally reject her statements about the tragic events that occurred yesterday in Waukesha. We as a party denounce violence of any kind. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families impacted by this heinous act, which shocked and saddened us all.”

- Democratic Party of DuPage County Chair Ken Mejia-Beal

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