June 3rd, 2021


White Empiricism

Анонс лекции в университете Орегона:

Black thought can help us free science from the white supremacist traditions of scientists. Scientists vs. Science will use Black feminist and anti-colonialist analyses to show that white supremacy is a total epistemic system that affects even our most “objective” areas of knowledge production. The talk hinges on the development of the concept of white empiricism, which I introduced to give a name to the way that anti-intellectual white supremacy plays a role in physicists’ analysis of when empirical data is important and what counts as empirical data. This white empiricism shapes both Black women’s (and other) experiences in physics and the actual knowledge produced about physics. Until this is understood and addressed directly, systems of domination will continue to play a major role in the practice of physics.

Тут большое искушение написать про основополагающую роль расизма-феминизма в современной науке, но мы еще все-таки не совсем там. Анонс разошелся довольно широко, произвел впечатление, и лекцию эту отменили на хрен, хотя и без объяснений.

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