July 30th, 2020


Кто написал четыре миллиона доносов?

Пожалуй, самое страшное, что я читал за последнее время - это июньская еще статья в NYT про то, как школьники друг на друга стучат за неправильные взгляды.

Students have repurposed large meme accounts, set up Google Docs and anonymous pages on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, and wielded their personal followings to hold friends and classmates accountable for behavior they deem unacceptable.

“People will post videos of people saying the N-word, or videos where they’re being racist or using derogatory words and stuff like that, and they go viral,” said Sophia Gianotti, 16, a sophomore at Whitesboro High School in Whitesboro, N.Y., where a teacher was recently criticized for stating that “all lives matter” in a virtual school event. (He later apologized.)

Все это, понятно, в благих целях, а как же. Productive conversations, вот это всё.

Francesca Valle, 17, a student at Verona High School in Verona, N.J., started an account called @exposingracists.nj for her school district and those around it.

“I get a lot of DMs from people sending racist things their classmates have said online, things people have said in livestreams, on Snapchat stories,” she said. “If I have their Instagram or Snapchat, I’ll post that along with their racist behavior because I believe in having productive conversations. My aim is not to send people to bully these people; it’s to send people to go educate and inform them about what they’re saying and how they’re wrong.”

Получается, естественно, как всегда.

But often, the result is a social media pile-on: harassment, doxxing, cancellation. Brynna Barry, 16, a student at a Catholic day school in Jacksonville, Fla., learned this firsthand.

After posting some advocacy on Instagram and TikTok for the Blue Lives Matter movement, Ms. Barry, whose father is a police officer, was met with vicious harassment. Her posts spread across her peers’ Instagram feeds, and “my own friends were commenting that I was racist, that they can’t support me,” she said. “Things travel fast. I’m nervous about my address getting leaked.”

Помимо всех вот этих "harassment, doxxing, cancellation", что еще можно сделать со школьником и куда на него надо настучать, чтоб на всю жизнь, сука, запомнил? Правильно, стучать надо в колледжи, куда мерзавец нацелился поступать.

Many students believe the only consequence their peers will take seriously is having their college admissions letter rescinded. “I’m not trying to target freshmen or middle schoolers, but people who are about to go to college need to be held accountable for what they say,” said Anamika Arya, the 16-year-old administrator of @Smithtown_Racist_Callouts, which is focused on Smithtown, N.Y.

“People who go to college end up becoming racist lawyers and doctors. I don’t want people like that to keep getting jobs,” Mx. Arya added.

“People think when you call out a racist student, it’s ruining their life,” said Mariwa Gambo, 15, a junior at a New York City public school. “But when you prevent them from advancing, you’re helping to stop the spread of racist lawyers or doctors or people who make it harder for the black community.”

Никто ничего не скрывает, в общем.

Статья длинная, с примерами и подробностями. Если им верить - а это ж они не про Трампа врут что-нибудь опять, это они своими достижениями гордятся, - то речь не про отдельные случаи, а про массовое движение.

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