July 7th, 2020


Cancel them all

Мюзикл "Гамильтон", буквально пару лет назад бывший такой победой сил света, оказался on the wrong side of history. Его выпустили, наконец, в виде фильма, а времена уже не те.

But while there has been at least one report of the use of a "Hamilton" quote "History is watching" at a BLM protest, to reassess "Hamilton" now is to note a crucial incompatibility with our current moment: Its hero and its message are essentially ambivalent while today's politics around America's racial sins requires taking a strong stance. Indeed, "Hamilton" is a minefield of mixed messages: Is our takeaway about its main character that he is a revolutionary hero or flawed philanderer? Is its strategy of non-traditional casting a triumph that allows people of color to "rise up" or are they undermined by the irony of how their embodiment as founding fathers ignores the fact that most of the characters they play were slave owners?

Потому что надо было, задрав штаны, бежать за комсомолом.Чего им стоило внести немного своевременных поправок в сюжет?