January 28th, 2020


Интимная жизнь прогрессоров

Что-то в левой ленте зачастили на эту тему; судя по текстам, либералам нелегко приходится в личной жизни.


Yanez believes that celibacy among young people is on the rise, especially among girls. “I think young women feel more empowered than ever to reject the sexual roles they’ve felt pushed into in the past. Self-esteem is improving and they seem to feel more able to use their voice. They’re fighting back at school, in the workplace and also on the dating scene.”


I’m a cis woman in kind of a classic millennial sex pickle: I’m really repelled by heterosexuality politically and personally, but I’m also really into dick. I’ve been thinking maybe I should look for bi dudes/ bicurious gay dudes, but I am not sure how best to do that.


In 2020, I am vowing to only date men committed to prioritizing their emotional and mental health. If he doesn’t go to therapy, I’m not interested.

In my last serious relationship, I had both the benefit of exploring my toxic behavior patterns and the burden of being with a partner who refused to do the same. Our relationship started to shift when, during the height of an argument, I grew frustrated when my attempts at “helping” him solve a problem were being ignored. He followed up, like he often did, by screaming at the top of his lungs. Then he said something that snatched the movement from my body: “I’m not your project or something you can control.”
Но есть и надежда.

I lost my virginity at 37

Five years ago I wrote an essay for Salon about being a 33-year-old virgin. At the time, a man who identified as an incel had murdered several people. I saw lots of negative press about men who have not had sex, so I wrote about how not having sex is not weird, and that if you haven’t met the right one, to not let bitterness and anger overtake you.

The article did nothing to really dissuade the incel movement. It’s bigger than ever. And in some circles the man who murdered those people has been elevated as a saint. Five years later, I am here to tell you I was wrong.

Just do it.

Sex is not a big deal.

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