October 16th, 2018


Мемы - в жизнь

The wife, who is being held in custody, is believed to have sourced plastic explosives through an online dark web retailer that only accepts payment with cryptocurrency. According to investigators, she made the purchase after discovering her husband was cheating.


It is alleged that the woman inserted the plastic explosives into the anus of her sleeping husband, before detonating them remotely. Investigators found a webcam in the debris which they believe she used to watch her husband explode.

Есть женщины в айовских селеньях. Испытав провербиальный баттхерт от измены, взорвала изменщику пукан IRL.

UPD: merig00 дал ссылку на опровержение. Пишут, это не CBS News, а подделка.

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