December 29th, 2017


Правая, левая где сторона

В Los Angeles Times напечатали два списка: десять самых недоосвещенных прессой историй 2017-го года. Один список попросили написать человека справа, другой - человека слева.

Правый список:

1. “Russian collusion” charges were a dud

2. The economy roared

3. The stock market boomed

4. Islamic State was crushed in Raqqah and Mosul

5. Thanks to James Comey, the FBI's reputation is in tatters

6. We still know nothing about what motivated the Vegas shooter

7. The Iran deal's facade collapsed

8. Persecution of religious minorities continues across the globe

9. The worldwide leader in sports is in deep trouble

10. Due process and rule of law were restored to college campuses

Левый список:

1. Disenfranchisement of African American voters

2. The South Korean peace movement

3. President Trump's unprecedented non-Russia corruption

4. U.S. helped to starve and bomb Yemen

5. Hate crimes against transgender people

6. Trump’s aggression in Iraq and Syria

7. Dark money to seat a right-wing Supreme Court justice

8. Rise in deaths at the U.S.-Mexico border

9. Ramping up war in Afghanistan

10. Protester prosecutions

По-моему, прекрасно. Вот уж действительно альтернативные реальности. Точно по Адамсу - экран один, фильмы разные.

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