November 18th, 2017


Высшее образование

A University of Illinois graduate instructor was arrested for assaulting two students during an anti-Trump protest Thursday, stealing the phone of one student and throwing it on the sidewalk.

Tariq Khan is a PhD candidate at the university and has taught courses such as “Constructing Race in America” and “U.S. Gender History since 1877.” He is also involved with various anarchist and communist organizations including Black Rose Anarchist Federation and Antifa, in addition to working with the undergraduate socialist students.

Черт-те что происходит в этих университетах.

С другой стороны, у меня прямо там прямо сейчас учится сын, и про всю эту херню он даже и не знает. Но он в инженерной школе, они там учатся по-настоящему.

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