August 6th, 2017


Ссылка на память

Статья в The Week про то, что нынешняя демократическая война за открытые границы и иммиграцию без ограничений имеет довольно мрачные перспективы для демократов, поскольку эта идея противоречит самым базовым вещам, вплоть до концепции политики вообще.

Politics in all times and places involves a bounded community defining itself, and its citizens ruling themselves, in contradistinction to other bounded communities. The community can be a village, tribe, or city-state; a nation-state; or an empire. Certain forms of government are better suited to certain sizes than others. (A small community can work as a pure democracy, for example, but a vast empire never could.) But regardless of the community’s size, it always has limits (a border), and it always draws a distinction between those who are permitted to join the community and those who are not; between who is and who is not a citizen; and between who does and who does not get to enjoy the privileges that come with citizenship, including a say in making such determinations in the future. This may in fact be the most elemental political act of all, the basis of everything else the political community does. To declare that this act is prima facie illegitimate is to declare a foundational political act to be illegitimate. It is to treat politics itself as in some sense morally compromised.

Удивляться тут особенно нечему; просто еще одна левая идея, которой мешает человеческая природа. Подумаешь, новость. Тамошние идеи испокон веку очень хороши для идеального (в понимании левых) человека, а с людьми обычными, имеющимися в наличии, вот уж сколько сотен лет никак не заработают.

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