March 8th, 2017


Кто что обещал

Study: Hillary Clinton’s TV ads were almost entirely policy-free

Hillary Clinton’s campaign ran TV ads that had less to do with policy than any other presidential candidate in the past four presidential races, according to a new study published on Monday by the Wesleyan Media Project.
Trump, who didn’t exactly run as a wonk, aired a more typical number of policy-focused ads compared with past elections.
The study concludes that Clinton’s strategy may have backfired badly.

Зато теперь можно с удовольствием подсчитывать, сколько предвыборных обещаний Трамп не сдержит. В случае с Хиллари это было бы затруднительно; никто, впрочем, и считать бы не стал, как Обаме не считали.

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