October 29th, 2016


Праведный гнев


James Comey fails to follow Justice Department rules yet again

The damage Comey’s bad timing could do

FBI head James Comey should’ve done America a favor and shut up instead of mucking up the election with reopened Clinton email probe

Top Dem rep: Comey letter ‘terrible lapse in judgment’

James Comey is damaging our democracy

Eric Holder: James Comey is a good man, but he made a serious mistake. (Учитывая, кто это пишет, особенно смешно.)

Да как он посмел? Это же может ПОВЛИЯТЬ НА ВЫБОРЫ!

Все-таки не обошлось без октябрьского сюрприза. То есть их было навалом, но все ни фига не сюрпризы, а вот этот – явно сюрприз. Настоящий.

UPD: В качестве напоминания – июльская статья из Washington Post: Republicans attack Mr. Comey for doing his job.

IF REPUBLICANS believe the FBI director is corrupt and political, they should have the gumption to say so. Instead, many have insulted James B. Comey with slimy implications and underhanded threats since Tuesday, when he announced that he would not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton relating to her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

И еще одно напоминание, гораздо более давнее, из тех сказочных времен, когда за президентство дрался другой Клинтон: Flashback: Clinton cheered 11th hour indictment that doomed Bush reelection

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Нет никакого жульничества

А вот, пишут, в Миннесоте какие правила теперь:

State law establishes a detailed procedure to match felons, people under guardianship and noncitizens against the list of people who have registered to vote in the statewide voter registration system. In the case of a match, county auditors are required to change the voter status of any registered voters who are determined to be felons, under guardianship or noncitizens.

But according to instructions from the Secretary of State, election officials must allow felons, people under guardianship and noncitizens who are identified as such on the poll roster to vote anyway, so long as they take an oath claiming they are eligible to vote.

Отдельные отщепенцы, однако, возражают:

Minnesota Secretary of State and county election managers are being sued by election judges who claim the 2016 Minnesota Election Judge Guide requires them to violate state election laws.

Когда ЦИК Secretary of State приказывает допускать к голосованию неграждан, если те поклянутся, что им можно голосовать, – можно ли назвать это “жульничеством на выборах”?

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