September 15th, 2015


Головокружение от успехов

President Obama condemned the rash of liberal political correctness seen recently in American colleges Monday, saying “that’s not the way we learn” and that college students shouldn’t be “coddled and protected from different points of view.”

Speaking at a town hall in Iowa about affordable college education, Obama launched into his remarks after a question about Dr. Ben Carson’s proposal to stop government funding to schools with political biases. Obama slammed Carson’s idea, but he segued into his criticism of left-wing intolerance for opposing viewpoints that have popped up on campuses around the country.

Коренной поворот высшей школы к либеральным ценностям можно считать уже обеспеченным, но мы не будем мириться с перегибами на местах, допущенными чересчур ретивыми администраторами, действия которых льют воду на мельницу наших врагов.

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