Часовщик (chasovschik) wrote,

Ходит слух, что китайцы клонировали iPhone, но сделали его лучше.

The miniOne looked just like Apple's iPhone, down to the slick no-button interface. But it was more. It ran popular mobile software that the iPhone wouldn't. It worked with nearly every worldwide cellphone carrier, not just AT&T, and not only in the U.S. It promised to cost half as much as the iPhone and be available to 10 times as many consumers. The miniOne's first news teases — a forum posting, a few spy shots, a product announcement thatvanished after a day — generated a frenzy of interest online.

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    Я иногда здесь помещаю плэйбоевские карикатуры, в частности - авторства Эдмона Киразяна, ака Кираза. Дублируется это все в stand-alone blogе. Так…

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    "J'ai l'impression que vous n'êtes pas du tout intéressée de regarder mes gravures."

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    "I love watching newly wedded couples."

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