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Death threats from prominent scientists

А вот еще про нынешнюю науку.

In a CNN interview on March 26, Dr. Redfield, the former CDC director under Trump, made a candid admission: “I am of the point of view that I still think the most likely etiology of this pathogen in Wuhan was from a laboratory, you know, escaped.” Redfield added that he believed the release was an accident, not an intentional act. In his view, nothing that happened since his first calls with Dr. Gao changed a simple fact: The WIV needed to be ruled out as a source, and it hadn’t been.

After the interview aired, death threats flooded his inbox. The vitriol came not just from strangers who thought he was being racially insensitive but also from prominent scientists, some of whom used to be his friends. One said he should just “wither and die.”

Это из статьи в Vanity Fair про то, как научные бюрократы заметали под ковер гипотезу о лабораторном происхождении ковида.

Научный процесс происходит так, что любо-дорого. Это в СССР в кажом научном учреждении должны были быть парткомы, чтобы наука за линию партии не выходила, а тут выдающиеся ученые сами справляются.

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