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Как дети, ей-богу

"First of all, I wrote that stuff 19 years ago; I deleted it 15 years ago," Uygur told CNN host Chris Cuomo during an on-set interview. "I deleted it not because I thought I'd get caught or someone would find it, I deleted it because I didn't believe it anymore. This is not me. I was trying to be a stupid, politically incorrect Republican. So I wrote these things I knew were offensive."

Ты ж моя лапочка, awwww.
Поисками контрреволюции тут, кстати, не республиканцы занимались.

Justice Democrats, a left-leaning progressive political organization which Uygur co-founded, ousted him from its board in December 2017 after the comments found by TheWrap.com went viral.

Страшная сила - интернет.

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