Часовщик (chasovschik) wrote,

Why, oh why?

Иглесиас на Воксе, в полном отчаянии:

Why are we taking Donald Trump’s Korea diplomacy seriously?

All he does is lie and break promises. This will be no different.

Donald Trump is a liar. More than that, he’s a fraud. Not just a person who makes factual misstatements but a person who has gotten ahead in life through extensive use of bullshit, leaving in his wake a trail of broken promises.
Instead of talking about these risks, however, the mainstream press — Time, the New York Times, CNN, etc. — seems obsessed with the possibility that maybe Trump will deliver a historic diplomatic breakthrough with Pyongyang and then not receive the level of credit and adulation he deserves.

(c уважением) Вот это, я понимаю, BUTTHURT. Вот это вставило человеку. Даже по нынешним временам, когда баттхерт является практически официальной политической платформой Демократической партии, все равно впечатляет.

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Tags: journalism, liberals, trump derangement syndrome

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