Часовщик (chasovschik) wrote,

Кому верить?

На фоне массовых злорадных криков про то, как Трамп уронил рынок, с изумлением прочел в NYT, что "The Stock Market Drop Is Less Scary Than It Seems".

Instead of reflecting economic pessimism, this stock market sell-off seems rooted in a form of optimism — that employers will have to pay higher wages, cutting into profits, and that higher inflation will cause the Fed to raise rates faster than had been assumed. Throw in some worry that markets were getting a little overheated and you have a recipe for the downturn we’ve just witnessed.

In other words, this bad news for stock investors seems to be driven in part by good news for workers. And since most people earn more money from their jobs than from their investment portfolios, that’s a trade a lot of people would be happy to take.

То есть Трамп, получается, рынок-таки уронил, но это как бы хорошо. Прямо не знаю, что теперь и думать.

Большая часть статьи, кстати, посвящена тому, что на крики в прессе обращать внимания не надо.

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