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Ну и еще вдогонку

Shutdown слегка отменился.

Senate moves to end government shutdown as Democrats drop opposition

На CNN про это можно прочесть вот что: On shutdown, Democrats have a lot of explaining to do

When is a spending deal not a spending deal? When it's a DACA deal.
It's pretty simple: funding bills should be about appropriations, not immigration. Unfortunately, Democrats let politics take priority over policy, thus paralyzing any compromise, ultimately shutting down the government.

А в Атлантике про это пишут так:

Democrats are already struggling how to spin this development
, especially when, just three days ago, they held a hard line against funding the government, energizing their base with the promise to protect DACA recipients. But one Senate Democratic source, who asked not to be named so as to discuss private conversations with senators, told me that something like reality shone through in the interim. The Democratic caucus became increasingly uncomfortable with the “mixed poll numbers” on which side would take the blame should the shutdown continue. And with Democrats’ edge over Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections softening, continuing the shutdown didn’t seem worth the gamble. I asked the source how Democrats would try to frame the day, and the source, who’s been on the Hill for over a decade, was at a loss: “If you had told me yesterday this is where we’d be, I would not have believed it. Yet here we are.”

Там же, само собой, написано, что Трамп тут ни при чем, потому что его последняя встреча с Шумером была "famously unproductive", хехехе. Читай - Шумер не получил чего хотел, и вышло вот такое безобразие, см.выше. Так что конец цивилизации отложен до восьмого февраля. Посмотрим, до чего они успеют договориться за это время.

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