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А вот аналитик из Washington Post задается вопросом: Is Donald Trump self-aware? Это, видите ли, central question of Trump's presidency. Ну, для нашей героической прессы, во всяком случае.

Ответ несколько неожиданный: кажется, подозревает аналитик, Трамп понимает, что делает!

I continue to think, if you look closely, you'll see self-awareness and deliberation. To be clear: That doesn't mean what he does is moral, smart or advised; it just means he intends to do it.


In this and many other cases, Trump almost seems to be daring the media to overreach in its coverage of him, in hopes of solidifying his base against a common enemy.


Trump claims to be better than anyone at lots and lots of things. In this case, he may actually kind of be right; his ability to slam wedges between his supporters and his opponents might be without parallel.

It's been a defining characteristic of his presidency. And to dismiss it as him constantly and unthinkingly spouting off may be missing the point.

В свете очередного конца света на тему shithole countries вот это умилительное "almost"  в выделенном фрагменте просто слезу вышибает. Хочется аналитика по голове погладить и конфету ему дать.

Ну и опять трудно Адамса не вспомнить с его пророчествами.

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