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Not just a light rinse

Калифорнийский губернатор слетал в Европу побороться с изменением климата. В частности, заглянул в Ватикан и произнес там речь о том, что требуется борцам для успешной борьбы.

Brown, who arrived Friday for nearly two weeks of climate talks across Europe, said the path to transformational change must include the mass mobilization of the religious and theological sphere, but also the prophetic sphere.

“The power here is prophecy. The power here is faith, and that’s what this organization is supposed to be about. So, let’s be about it and combine with the technical and the scientific and the political.”

В принципе, давно было пора признать, что вопрос носит религиозный характер, и начать использовать соответствующие инструменты открыто, а не как раньше.

Brown acknowledged that achieving transformation will not be easy, citing his recent visit to the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia, where world leaders gathered for discussions about trade with scant mention of climate effects.

“At the highest circles, people still don’t get it,” he said. “It’s not just a light rinse” that’s required. “We need a total, I might say ‘brain washing.

“We need to wash our brains out and see a very different kind of world.”

Степень искренности и открытости весьма впечатляет. Видимо, опять этот бизнес на грани провала.

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