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Закрытие вопроса с voter fraud

Grimes says she won’t send Kentucky voter data to Trump commission

Grimes, a Democrat, said in a statement late Thursday that her office had received a request from the commission for Kentucky records that includes names, personal information and voting history of 3.2 million Kentucky voters.

“As the commonwealth’s secretary of state and chief election official, I do not intend to release Kentuckians’ sensitive personal data to the federal government,” Grimes said in a statement. “The president created his election commission based on the false notion that ‘voter fraud’ is a widespread issue. It is not.”

Once again, California has thrown a wrench into Trump’s big plans

Supporters of the commission will position this as obstructionist. Given the political intent of the commission, that’s an obstructionism that California Democrats would probably embrace.

NY gov: We won’t comply with voter fraud ‘myth’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said New York would not be handing over information on its voter rolls to President Trump’s commission on voter fraud, saying Trump’s concept of voter fraud is a “myth.”

Нечего тут расследовать. Мы вам сказали, что это миф, значит, миф. Не бывает на выборах никакого жульничества, разве только русские постараются. Это нам, Петька, просто карта прет.

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    (кряхтя) Вот не зря я зарекся про ковид писать. Такое из людей наружу полезло - прямо диву даешься. Даже круче TDS. Re-mirrored to LJ from…

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    Правду ли пишут, что Горький Лук умер? Re-mirrored to LJ from Dreamwidth. comments are already there, and you can comment there using OpenID.

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    Увидел в ленте ссылку на юзера, который мне до сих пор как-то не попадался, или попадался, но я забыл; теперь уже не забуду, потому что текст по…

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