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Резистанс с разных точек зрения

Неожиданно, голос разума в NYT.

Ever since he began his presidential campaign, Mr. Trump has portrayed his political opponents as unhinged, radical and sometimes as paid professionals of the left. And while that may have been true in some instances, Mr. Trump often makes the case that these represent the bulk of the people working against him.

“They don’t represent the center of gravity in the resistance movement, but he tries to suggest that they do,” said Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster.

Many conservatives, even those who are not necessarily fans of the president, are willing to see his detractors in this light.

И действительно. Трамп тут, на мой взгляд, куда ближе к истине, чем Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster. Из того, что доступно моему взгляду, однозначно следует, что “центр тяжести движения сопротивления” представлен именно такой публикой. По-моему, сам термин “resistance movement” об этом свидетельствует совершенно недвусмысленно.

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