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Оказывается, жив еще этот бизнес с turning points. Michael Mann, автор знаменитой хоккейной клюшки, сообщает нам, что мы все еще (несмотря на все предыдущие turning points) можем получить безопасный и стабильный климат.

With that in mind, Trump should read the landmark “2020” report now published by Mission 2020, a group of experts convened by the former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The report establishes a timeline for how we can ensure a safe and stable climate. We don’t have much time — 2020 is a clear turning point.

Единственный нюанс – turning points теперь, видимо, будут приурочены к президентским выборам.

Science has no political affiliation and shouldn’t be a political issue. Chemistry and physics don’t care who is president or which party runs a parliament. No politician should ignore the warnings of scientists, economists and military leaders, and argue against health, increased stability and economic prosperity — all of which depend on how the world responds to climate change.

There is no denying it: 2020 will be a very important year.

Это ж кем надо быть, чтобы до сих пор вот это благодарно слушать.

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