Часовщик (chasovschik) wrote,

Песнь победителя

We Stopped Hillary. Максимум Schadenfreude на квадратный миллиметр текста. Рекомендую.

You jerks thought we normals were terrible and stupid when you thought of us at all. How do you like us now? Are you worried that an unfriendly executive branch might unleash its dogs at the, say, IRS upon you? That bureaucrats might destroy the entire industry that you work in, that supports your family, to satisfy the whims of the regime’s ideology? That the government is heading toward the time when it might send armed federal agents to your house to arrest you for exercising your constitutional rights?

Welcome to the last eight years as a normal.

Not so big on unlimited executive power anymore, are you? Seeing how maybe those Dead White Cis-Het Males with funny wigs back in olden times might have had a point?

Накопилось у человека.

Это был последний номер нашей программы на сегодня, и я откланиваюсь до понедельника: надо свозить моих фигуристок в соседний штат, у них там роликовый лагерь на три дня. Заодно передохну от всего этого.

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Tags: 2016 president election

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